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Thinking About Going Rural? Tips to Consider When Investing In Acreage

Rural properties are becoming attractive to more homeowners and investors, especially with the work from home shift, which is becoming more permanent. If you are thinking about going rural, then there are some tips that you should consider before investing in acreage. 

There are established and semi-established rural properties, and they usually have more structure on the said property. Some may have detached garages which are perfect for equipment, stables, and even water bore drilling. 

Water bore drilling in Queensland has been around to service rural areas and to provide clean drinking and agricultural water to the area. If the area that you’re eyeing doesn’t have that yet, then consider installing a water bore would be ideal. 

Here are some of the things that you should consider when investing in acreage:

Location of the Property

When eyeing a rural property, location is important. There are rural properties that are remote, while there are also others that are semi-rural. Around Brisbane semi-rural properties are becoming increasingly popular with ‘work from home’ businesses and employees that can video work, or tele work. Things like the having scenic views, green space, and other amenities as well as the closeness to freeways, transport hubs, warehouses, and markets, play a large role in deciding on a good rural location.

Though while views can be extremely compelling, service access can be an issue. The more remote you go, the more challenging it is accessing provisions from places like supermarkets and butchers. In addition to this, going remote also brings challenges accessing services like NBN, electricity and even water supply. So weigh up very carefully what’s important to you, and what may feel like it is causing a restriction on your life.

New Construction Vs. Existing Properties

When looking for a rural property you may want to consider whether you want to build from scratch, or look for an existing property. Of course, undertaking a new construction has risks of delays and increased costs. One aspect that is pretty common in rural areas are water bores, wherein the water is being pulled out of the ground to be used for domestic and agriculture purposes.

If you decide to install one because your property doesn’t have one yet, then Darr Drilling in Queensland can help provide the needed water bore drilling service. 

Fenced Land

Most local governments will require that your land is fenced, especially if you have animals around. Owners are required to have enclosures or fencing to contain any of their animals. If you’re planning on putting a pool in your area, then pool fencing will be required as well. Note well, there are regulations on all these things, and planning requirements will need to be checked carefully, potentially with applications for planning permission before any construction work is commenced.

Land Clearing

In rural properties, the pest and building inspector will help identify any issues on vegetation and trees. The Australian Government and the Queensland government regulate the native vegetation clearing in Queensland. If you need to clear the land, you will have to obtain a property report and any necessary vegetation maps to help identify what are the allowed clearing operations that you can do. Permits are also required when it comes to clearing. 


Ultimately, living on a rural property gives you a city escape to enjoy clear night skies, fresh air, quiet surroundings and much more. If you’re looking to slow down the pace of life and take to the ‘outback’ lifestyle, then living on acreage might be for you. Just remember, there tend to be a lot of things involved with having a rural property which most people that have lived in a city have never dealt with. Before deciding to do anything, especially construction or water bore related, on the cheap, consider how quality can impact on longevity and reliability. Getting things done right can ensure you have a happy life on your rural property.

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