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Clean Old And New Water Bores

Clean Old And New Water Bores

Why clean out old and new water bores? Because cleaning them helps ensure that you are keeping your water bore, and thus your water supply, healthy. When water bores get dirty water quality is affected and can result in health issues.

The knowledge around needing to clean out new and old bores comes from experience we have gained at Darr Drilling over our years of service in the water bore drilling industry. Old bores may experience silt build up over the years of pumping water, they also may have mineral deposits that have accumulated over many years. While minerals can be good in water, if their levels become excessive they can become toxic. So cleaning your water bore is wise.

New bores may have mineral deposits that been present in the water even before the water was drilled, which is typical. It also depends upon the depths of the aquifer and what ground formation the water is being carried.

Other reasons for contamination of the bore may have been due to contaminants entered the bore from the surface e.g., floodwater, mud, dirt, snakes, vermin, etc.

Keeping a water bore clean and well maintained means a lot for keeping you, and those using water supplied from your water bore healthy, and that includes any livestock.



After several years of use, bores can stop working or may become blocked. This is often caused by inadequate water supply, often the casing has collapsed or mud/soil has blocked the slots. Darr Drilling does a special water bore cleaning out service for your bore. For this we pump large volumes of compressed air down the borehole. We can also chemically clean and restore the bore using special cleaning compounds. Once water bore cleaning is complete, you can be sure of enjoying healthy free flowing water again from your bore. Plus your water pump will be more efficient too.


A water bore clean out can be advantageous to ensure that it is working at its highest capacity. Older bores are sometimes blocked by silt and debris. Bores cased with steel begin to corrode over the years. Relining them with a new casing increases the lifespan of your old bore, thus saving costs attributed to drilling a new bore if the old one becomes completely blocked or collapses. Water bore relining is a in comparison to water bore drilling a very simple operation, and as such is far cheaper too. Quality water bore maintenance can also extend bore life, reducing the frequency needed for relining.


Darr Drilling can perform dewatering of unwanted aquifers. The presence of aquifers in underground mining and tunnel construction can severely slow down those projects, and can also be incredibly hazardous. Dewatering bores is also a good measure to address rising groundwater levels. Any time you are experiencing unwanted issues with aquifers, or have concerns as to how an aquifer or system of aquifers could impact a project you are running, contact Darr Drilling and our bore consulting services can be of help.

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