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Water Bore Drilling

Water bore drilling is essential for anyone wanting a sustainable water source. climate change has pushed people to consider alternative water resources, tapping expert Water bore drilling services due to changes in precipitation frequency. water bores allow for very reliable water sourcing, especially when darr drilling does the water bore drilling for you.
Water bore drilling

Water Bore Drilling

If you’re looking for water bore drilling services in Queensland, Darr Drilling has extensive experience working on projects of all sizes. If you’re looking to start a water bore drilling project, it’s important that you’re aware of the legislation in place around water bores and water drilling in Queensland.

The Darr Drilling team is fully aware of the latest requirements, in order to provide our customers with a legal and quality water bore, for long term access to your ground water via a borehole.

Darr Drilling has gained vast experience in water bore drilling, mineral exportation, soil sampling, and water bore monitoring.

We also perform testing bores for contaminants, water qualities, water aquifer drawdowns, head pressure, and on injection purposes all over Queensland. We are highly experienced contractors, with a wealth of knowledge around the drilling process and ensuring our clients get the best design and quality work in Australia.

So, when there is a specific problem with a formation that needs to be penetrated while drilling a water bore, our team of water bore drilling specialists will advise on the best method of construction for the optional depth, up to 605 meters.

With a variation of borehole widths, we work with our clients to achieve the outcome they require. Our bores are constructed and in compliance with the standards for Water Bore Construction of Australia.

We can then design and specify the right rig and equipment for you, proper bore water installation can then be implemented.


Groundwater resources may be used up through various operations, that is why groundwater depth measurements (called borehole monitoring) help in the management of important groundwater resource. Constant monitoring ensures long term sustainability of the aquifer and provides the data for efficient water management system.


Dewatering bores or removing groundwater/surface water from a construction site is very important. Usually, the dewatering process is done on construction project sites with wet soil classification and because of the need for a safe workplace and proper discharge of water.


Hydrogeological Investigation or studies are essential in Groundwater engineering, prevention on depletion of the water levels and contamination of groundwater resources. Hydrological investigation plays a huge part in the design, materials, and construction method in drilling which influence the quantity and quality of water acquired.

Completed Projects
Darr Drilling has achieved longevity in the drilling business by providing a broad range of exceptional drilling services across industrial environments, commercial or residential. We have continued to deliver short or long- term requirements as well as multi-million-dollar joint venture contracts.

Call The Water Bore Drilling Experts

If you are considering contacting one of the water bore drilling specialists at Darr Drilling, we will also be able to assist with a groundwater assessment, which is very important when undertaking drilling services.

Farmers all over Queensland love the Darr Drilling team, as we have extensive experience working on large properties in the darling downs region as well as various other locations around QLD.

A drought can be one of the worst things to happen to a farmer, so ensuring that you have quality water bores established on your property will help keep your live stock healthy and your farm beautiful and green.

Water Drilling

Because we have so much experience working on such a wide range of projects, the Darr Drilling specialists have seen it all. Our expertise in water bore drilling is unmatched, so whether you’re a family with a big property, wondering about wells, give our team a call and work with us to understand your water supply bore requirements before our team comes to visit your property with our drilling rig equipment to inspect the bore drilling site.

Our specialists will provide information for you on the process we will take during the construction phase of your water drilling project. Our clients love us because we really work with them to understand exactly the services that they require. The specialists at Darr Drilling are experienced water diviner and understand how to locate aquifers on almost any property in Australia.

Water Bores

Water Bores are created when you drill into the ground, which is a process called, water bore drilling, to locate an aquifer. This is a supply of water which has seeped into the ground via storms, rivers and creeks.

There is a wide range of different types of water bores and each state will have different requirements on things like depth and the overall water bore drilling process. For example, NSW has completely different water bore drilling requirements to QLD.

If you are unsure of what is legal or not legal when it comes to water bores, call Darr Drilling, as we can guide you through the legislation surrounding water bore drilling projects.