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4 Ways To Improve Your Quality Of Life By Living In Rural Queensland

4 Ways to Improve Your Quality Of Life By Living In Rural Queens
Living in rural Queensland is great for your health, from cleaner water through various mental health benefits, life in rural Queensland brings great benefits.

4 Ways to Improve Your Quality Of Life By Living In Rural Queensland

Living in rural Queensland is a dream for many, being within easy driving distance of Brisbane, yet far enough away to enjoy a peaceful life for so many brings feelings of bliss. In the wake of the pandemic, a lot of people found themselves dreaming of moving to the more rural or remote parts of Queensland. For some people, it is to avoid the high COVID rates expected from cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, while for the majority, it is about maximising the freedom that comes with remote working. But others opted to live in rural Queensland to save money due to job losses and other life situations, which with various funding options available can open a new lease of life.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of living in rural Queensland, or you are just thinking of doing it for a short period of time, there are ways to improve your quality of life once you decide to move to a rural community.

  1. Improve Your Quality Of Life By Living In Rural Queensland
  2. Be Part Of A Closer Community
  3. Access Online Opportunities For Work And Learning
  4. Greater Health and Mental Health Benefits From Rural Living
  5. Getting Cleaner Healthier Water By Having A Water Bore
  6. Improving Quality Of Life By Living In Rural Queensland

Be Part Of A Closer Community

People living in rural Queensland do have neighbours, but not like in the city where homes are packed in close to each other. Of course, you may still be within earshot of your neighbours across the street, behind you, and even next door. So it won’t be too quiet. But you will still have the privacy that you need to live peacefully. Of course, for really rural living, on an acreage, neighbours can be several hundred metres away, or potentially kilometres depending on the property. Even on an acreage, you may still hear your neighbours, especially in a farming area.

Also, since fewer individuals live in rural areas, purchasing a home in this type of location will provide you the opportunity to become part of a closer community. In fact, some people prefer living rurally because of how the community feels. People tend to be noted as friendlier in rural areas, where they say hello, smile, and nod when you pass by them on the street.

Being connected to your neighbours and having a great sense of community is actually good for everyone’s mental health. That little bit of politeness, and acknowledgement, spreads a lot of positivity, which has a good impact on psychology. Hence why many choose to move to a rural property.

Access Online Opportunities For Work And Learning

Living in rural areas means working from home or studying in the comfort of your own home using the internet. There are now a lot of opportunities online for both work and learning, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all when you move to a rural area.

For instance, your kids can start having schooling online, since most schools today offer online classes for kids. You, on the other hand, can start working from home for your current job. If you’ve lost your job due to economic changes, you can always search online for jobs without having to go to the city to apply for one. There are a lot of opportunities online, including online jobs or remote working, and all you have to do is maximise the use of the internet, and you will find what you are looking for.

Rural living is also very attractive for digital nomads, being able to be in the fresh air, among nature, with cheaper living, yet still achieving success through online entrepreneurship is highly attractive to many.

Greater Health and Mental Health Benefits From Rural Living

There are a lot of health and mental health benefits from rural living. These benefits include:

Less Stress

Stress is the biggest contributor to a wide number of health problems. Being stressed is uncomfortable and can affect both your personality and relationships. According to a study conducted, people who lived in the city responded worse to stress compared to the ones who lived in rural areas. Rural living offers a slow pace, space, and quietness which can be relaxing to everyone.

Less Pollution

Cities are subjected to a lot of pollutants, including traffic, industrial plants, waste, and other conditions that can affect the air that we breathe. Rural areas are usually free from the problems mentioned, because of the many open spaces, plants, and trees, which provide less pollution than the cities.

Healthier Food

Living in a rural area lets you grow your own food, which means that you are going to eat fresh and organic foods that you yourself planted and ones that are grown in your own backyard. Yes, living in a city means you can just grab a bite whenever you please, but the quality of food is not always the best.

Improved Mental Health

There are a lot of reasons why living in the city can contribute to mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. According to a study, people who live in rural areas are at much lower risk of developing mental health issues because of the slow pace and the peacefulness that rural areas have to offer, plus there are plenty of options for remote coaching in Brisbane and other places for those who want additional mental health support.

More Space to Exercise

Exercising can also contribute to a better mental health. Rural areas will give you the opportunity to get out more often because of the number of fields, trails, and parks available where you can jog and do exercise. For some this can also mean activities like horse riding, or mountain biking, both of which help you get lots of good fresh air in your lungs.

Getting Cleaner Healthier Water By Having A Water Bore

Having direct access to clean healthy water can bring incredible health benefits. Many who have lived in cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth have noted strange smells and flavours in piped water supplies. Potable water that is piped usually needs a lot of treatment, plus additional chemicals to ensure it does not foul while still in the pipe.

For this reason, and others, many people in rural Queensland ensure they have a steady supply of water from a water bore. Depending on the characteristics of the bore, the aquifer it taps, and thus the bore water drawn off, it can be suitable for different uses, including flushing toilets, washing clothes, irrigation, and stock water supplies.

Of course, if you are going to use the water bore for cooking, showering or drinking water then higher grades of filtration or treatment may be required. A reputable water bore drilling company will help minimise the need for treatment by siting the water bore properly. They should also be able to help you understand how to treat, disinfect, and test the water and ensure it’s safe for intended use. Giving you a direct source of reliable healthy water right on your property.

If the land that you have recently purchased already has a water bore installed, it is wise to check for contaminants, and ensure that the water is safe for consumption. Typically, contaminants are easy to detect, chemical odours, foaming around sprinkler outlets, wilting or dying plants, as well as abnormal colour or sediment in the water. At times, contamination occurs if the groundwater is near the surface or if there is a lot of rural activity in the area.

Over time water bore condition can deteriorate, with the bore itself breaking down and leading to sediment and impurities showing up in the water. Water bores can also clog through lack of use, so if the property has been underutilised, or even abandoned for any period of time, it could be that the bore itself has become blocked. Bore maintenance can help getting the water bore flowing efficiently in most cases, with bore rehabilitation, re-drilling of the bore, needed in other cases.

If your area doesn’t have a water bore installed, you can always hire a reputable water bore drilling contractor to work on your water bore. Just make sure to abide by Queensland’s requirements regarding the installation of water bores to avoid any problems.

Improving Quality Of Life By Living In Rural Queensland

These are the 4 ways on how to improve your quality of life when living in rural Queensland. Living in a rural area may be different from living in the city, especially with the many conveniences that the city has to offer, but living in a rural area will always outweigh the benefits that it has in store for everyone.

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