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Water Bores and Why They Matter

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Bore water is the term used to describe ground water which accumulates in aquifers. Water bores are drilled into the earth in order to tap these aquifers and extract this bore water for use. Bore water is often collected from rainwater, snowmelt, surface runoff or other natural sources of groundwater. Depending on the characteristics of local groundwater, water bores can be great sources for a range of uses including irrigation, stock water supplies, washing clothes and more. However it is important to note that, groundwater contamination discourages the use of bores for drinking water supply.

Drilling water bores is a way of gaining access to these groundwater resources, and is often a popular choice for those who don’t have reliable access to water from common sources like main supply, rainfall or a nearby river, and seek to reduce water costs. For this reason, there are many benefits that can be obtained from water bores, of which enhances the importance of hiring the help of a water bore drilling expert to determine the best location and method for installation and maintenance.

Benefits of water bores

Reduced Water Bills

Water bores reduce water bills because people do not have to pay for water that is only obtained from taps which send water into household connections. Bore water can also be used for a range of purposes and this reduces the amount of other supplies needed to obtain these resources. It is an affordable source for water irrigation that can be used for often costly and high water-consumption activities such as garden irrigation, stock maintenance, washing clothes and more. However, it is important to note that bores are not encouraged for drinking water supply use as the water quality can be impacted by groundwater contaminants.

Water irrigation on crops

Drought-Proof Your Property

Bore water supply can be a great way to combat drought and water shortage troubles. This is because water bore drilling professionals are able to drill through very deep layers of soil and rock in order to reach groundwater. With this access, it will be much easier for water bores to collect and store water during times of drought or when rainfall may not be as frequent. For this reason, accessing groundwater in QLD is a great way of drought-proofing small blocks through to large rural properties, remain a long-term investment that provides additional value to your property.

Garden Crops

Add Value to Your Property

Water bores provide an important and often overlooked benefit to properties that has the ability to greatly enhance their value. Bore water is a valuable and affordable resource for people who do not want to pay for expensive water bills and for those who want a drought-proof method of collecting water. A water bore on a property can save money when it comes to watering landscapes, crops and lawns and hence improve the value of a home. This is, however, dependent on multiple factors including the type of bore and the water quality.

Water Bores Location and Installation

The location of the bore will affect the water quality and there are various factors that will determine this. The type and quantity of minerals and pollutants in the land are important to consider as they may contaminate the water and impact the quality. If you’re thinking of installing water bores and maximising of their benefits, hiring the help of a licensed drilling expert with a bore construction licence is required.

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