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Water Bore Repairs Made Easy

Do you have a water bore on your property, and you’re not sure how to maintain it? At Darr Drilling, we specialise in drilling and maintaining water bores across Queensland, making us uniquely placed to assist you in your water bore repairs and maintenance and facilitate new bores being installed if you are yet to have one or need to replace a damaged existing bore.

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Why Choose Water Bores?

Water bores are often the preferred choice for water supplies for areas where conventional water supplies don’t exist or can be tricky to install. If you have a water source under your property, a water bore can allow you to access this supply for use in a domestic commercial or agricultural setting and is especially suitable for those who consume large quantities of water.

Our hydraulic drive rigs allow us to ensure proper construction for all drills regardless of the size, but our skills and expertise in this area mean we can work with you for water bore repairs and more on a long-term basis or for one-off situations.


Identifying Water Bore Repairs

Water bore repairs are essential for keeping your water supply safe and running, but identifying the issue can be tricky. As your water bore is underground with your water being pumped to the surface, getting to the root of a problem isn’t going to be as easy as spotting the signs something isn’t right.

Signs you are experiencing issues with your water bore can include;

  • Discoloured or murky water
  • Stain in toilet bowls
  • Strange smells or taste
  • Low pressure
  • Visible particles in the water
  • Increased noise when using water
  • An increase in energy bills due to an inefficient pump

If you notice any of these issues, you may need to call for repairs sooner rather than later.


What Causes Water Bore Issues?

The leading causes of water bore failures are primarily down to poor installation, incorrect pump selection, poor construction or inadequate materials. Over time, through use, these factors can affect how well your bore pumps water to your land or property. Other factors that can play affect the condition of your water bore include corrosion, foreign objects becoming lodged in the water pump, mechanical failure, incrustation or adverse aquifer conditions. And in many cases, you won’t realise there is an issue until you see the signs mentioned above.

While well-installed bores can last for around 30 years, they don’t last a lifetime and are susceptible to faults and damage over time.

With this in mind, you must maintain and upkeep your bore to ensure it is fit for purpose. At Darr Drilling, we understand the care and maintenance water bores need and can offer ongoing services post-installation to help you ensure your water bore is in good condition and to keep repairs to a minimum.

Our specialist equipment allows us to assess the operation of different parts of your water bore to check for damage and carry out the necessary corrections. From capping the wellhead to flushing out the system, identifying the location of the damage and uncovering the full condition of your water bore, we are your go-to contractors for all your water bore needs.


To learn more about the process and benefits of water bore drilling or other questions you might have check our website. Additionally, learn more about the services we offer or book a water bore repair, contact us today for a quote.


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