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Thank You

Thank you
  • Acquired 38 years of experience in the drilling industry
  • Has expertise in exploration, monitoring, and water supply bores in Queensland
  • Licensed Water Drillers
  • Always strive for excellence thus building a long-term relationship with clients
  • Provide safe and cost-effective solutions that follow environmental and safety standards

To provide a first class sustainable water bore drilling Environment.

Darr Drilling is an organization that has been providing drilling services all over Queensland to customers for over 27 years. With a vast depth of knowledge contained within one company our clients receive a comprehensive consultancy service far beyond drilling exploration and having developed an enviable reputation for excellence within the drilling industry. Darr Drilling utilizes their hydraulic drive rigs with competent licensed water drillers and crew to ensure proper construction of all types of production drilling.

Thank you for enquiring with Darr Drilling. We will be in touch with you as soon as we can.