Darr Drilling have the drilling capacity to take on any water, mineral or environmental drilling exploration or water production requirement, covering all mineral and water based projects. We also have the expertise, resources and capability to collaborate effectively with our clients to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Our experienced and licensed operatives are a valuable resource to the company, and understand our ethos of exceptional customer service, safety first, speed of operation and focus on results.

Our modern drilling fleet can handle all projects from start to finish, often up to depths of 605m plus. With a range of multiple purpose hydraulic top head drive drill rigs, we can undertake any type of drill work from large borehole production construction, to diamond coring, deep exploration holes, mud drilling, air drilling and mud rotary. When you work with Darr Drilling you engage in a collaborative partnership that will consult on project plans, survey the site, provide accurate and competitive quotes, create a mutual understanding of project outcomes and efficiently complete your drilling requirement.

In the case of water bore production, Darr Drilling handle the whole construction process to the highest quality, as set out by the Australian Minimum Standards for Water Bore Construction of Australia, for long term production capability.


Water drilling is our expertise based on many years of drilling residential, commercial, rural and industrial water bores. We have the capacity and willingness to take on major long-term commitments during multimillion-dollar exploration phases, through to small exploratory requirements. In addition to an experienced crew and modern drilling rig, you will also receive guidance on best practices, legislation, rules and regulations on what can and cannot be achieved.


Darr Drilling have established log term relationships with numerous mineral exploration companies where we have successfully undertaken deep drilling and core sampling in search of a huge range of minerals, including gold and coal. This includes, but is not limited to, diamond drilling, wireline coring and materials sampling. We have the expertise to add value to mineral exploration and develop partnerships that always result in optimal outcomes.