Our expertise in water, mineral and environmental projects has led to the creation of a collaborative approach where client and supplier work harmoniously to create optimal outcomes.

All our operators are Nationally Licenced Water Drillers, covering classes 1,2 and 3. As such, Darr Drilling can operate nationally and be effective on any type of water project. Our team recognises the mandatory requirements for protecting ground water resources and follow good industry practices to the letter. Our expertise is invaluable in terms of professionalism, speed of response, accuracy of drilling, knowledge of bore hole construction methods and understanding of project concepts.

Possessing the ability to offer consultancy and advice on well construction for productive water bores in difficult to access areas, we ensure an exemplary safety standard by utilize professional safety advisers. Achieving zero harm in all operations is our goal, and this is achieved through adherence to a comprehensive safety framework developed to ensure that a positive culture of safety extends throughout the company.